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Loan Servicing

Once you have your loan, our Loan Servicing department is working for you
Now that you’ve closed your new loan with us, Seven Seventeen has a dedicated Loan Servicing department to assist you when you have any needs regarding that loan.

Loan Servicing
Our Loan Servicing department handles the administration aspects of a loan from the time you receive the proceeds of the loan until the loan is paid off in full.  Any issues or any changes that occur after the loan is disbursed are handled by the Loan Servicing Department. This would include the following (click your topic to learn more):

  1. Error Resolution and Loan Error Corrections
  2. Titles
  3. Escrow Accounts
  4. Insurance
  5. Loan Modifications
  6. Paid Loans
  7. Skip Payments
  8. Subordination Agreements

1.     Error Resolution and Loan Error Corrections
Occasionally an error can be made on a loan account.  If you find an error, you should contact the Loan Servicing Department at the credit union which is responsible for researching your account error to bring its correct resolution. Specifically, if the suspected error is on your Mortgage Loan that is held by the credit union, fill out the Mortgage Loan Notice of Error or Request for Information Form and mail it to:

Loan Servicing Dept. /Error Resolution
Seven Seventeen Credit Union
3181 Larchmont Ave., NE
Warren, Ohio 44483-2498

2.    Titles
Seven Seventeen Credit Union offers collateralized loans. By definition, this would be a loan by which we would hold property as security until the loan is paid off. We do this by filing a lien on the property through the appropriate county. You could not transfer ownership of your vehicle until your loan was repaid. This lien is filed and also released by the title department in Loan Servicing. Taxes and filing fees are also handled in Loan Servicing when you are financing an auto directly through Seven Seventeen. Seven Seventeen files all titles electronically with the State of Ohio. Once your loan is paid a paper title can be retrieved from the county in which you live.

Trumbull County, OH: 
Clerk of Courts

Mahoning County, OH: 
Clerk of Courts 

3.    Escrow Accounts
Seven Seventeen offers escrow accounts on Real Estate loans.  By contributing to an escrow account, primarily as part of your monthly loan payment, Seven Seventeen Credit Union will pay, on your behalf, any taxes and insurances when each is due.  Your account will go through escrow analysis annually to adjust your payment to cover any changes in your taxes and/or insurance premiums. Escrow accounts are only available on closed end loans.

4.    Insurance
The Loan Servicing Department handles several different types of insurance. TruStage is our partnered vendor for Credit, Life, and Disability claims.  If you choose credit, life, or disability for payment protection for your loan, it will be processed and posted by the insurance clerk at Seven Seventeen.

If you wish to add payment protection then we would take care of that need for you also.

Collateral Protection Insurance, or CPI, is also handled by the Loan Servicing Department.

Members are required to show proof of insurance on vehicle loans.  If this is not done in a timely fashion then it becomes necessary for Seven Seventeen to place a policy on the member’s vehicle to protect our interest in the vehicle. The same is true on Real Estate loans if the member does not have homeowners insurance - we would need to place insurance, or PPI.

If there are any changes or updates pertaining to the insurance on your titled collateral loan or real estate loan, please contact State National at the phone number below. You can also provide this number to your agent who can contact State National on your behalf.

State National Phone Number is 1-877-894-9559
Mailing address is PO Box 25517, Fort Worth, Texas, 76124

You may use our secure online tool, at, to submit proof of insurance, check the status of your submission, or view the insurance history of your loan. You can also find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the insurance reporting process.

5.    Loan Modifications
Seven Seventeen Credit Union’s Loan Servicing Department can also process loan modifications for members. Loan modifications can include lowering a rate or changing a due date.  In some cases a fee may apply.  To discuss a modification on your loan please contact us at 330-372-8100, 1-800-775-7741 or by calling your local branch

6.    Paid Loans

Real Estate
Seven Seventeen Credit Union does not keep a deed to your property.  A copy of your deed can be obtained at the specific County Recorder’s office. Once your real estate loan is paid off, we will send you a copy of your Mortgage stamped paid, your Truth and Lending Disclosure, and Security Agreement.  This process takes approximately three weeks. You can go directly to the Recorders Web site and verify that the lien on your property has been released.

Trumbull County, OH:
Recorder's Office

Mahoning County, OH:
Recorder's Office

Vehicle Loans
When your new car loan or used car loan is paid off, Seven Seventeen Credit Union will send you a letter, offering you a lien release letter, or with a $15 charge we will obtain your paper title for you. If you are selling your vehicle and need the title immediately then we suggest guarantee funds and we will supply you with a lien release letter for you to obtain your own title at the title department.

7.    Skip Payments
As a courtesy, Seven Seventeen Credit Union offers skip payments twice a year for all loans except for first mortgages.   In June and November, skip payment letters are mailed directly to members with specific instructions and options, except for VISA accounts, which members are notified via statement.  Visa account holders have the ability to skip their VISA payment automatically during the skip period.  If you do not receive a skip letter, but are interested in this service, please contact us to apply at 330-372-8100, 1-800-775-7741 or by calling your local branch.  Important: A fee does apply to all loan payment skips, except for the VISA skips.

 8.    Subordination Agreement
If you have been instructed by a new lender to do a subordination agreement, please instruct your lender that they will need to call Seven Seventeen Credit Union at 330-372-8180 for further instructions and cost.

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3181 Larchmont Ave. NE
Warren, OH 44483
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Anyone who lives or works in Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Portage, Summit or central Stark Counties in Ohio is eligible to bank with Seven Seventeen Credit Union.

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