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Protecting yourself against ATM Skimming

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It was reported over the weekend that a skimmer device was found on the Seven Seventeen ATM located on Robbins Avenue in Niles.

The skimmer was discovered by a Seven Seventeen member who immediately contacted police. The skimmer was removed from the ATM.

A skimming device is a small piece of equipment that fits over the existing card reader at an ATM or gas pump. The device is capable of recording card numbers, but it must be retrieved by the fraudster who installed it to acquire any data. The device was found before that was possible, and Seven Seventeen will continue working with authorities to find the perpetrator. Our account monitoring has not detected any unusual activity on the accounts of those who used the ATM. In the event of anything unusual, we would notify potentially affected members. 

What does Seven Seventeen do to protect from skimming?
Seven Seventeen checks their ATMs regularly:
  • ATMS located at branches are checked multiple times daily by branch staff. 
  • Off-site ATMs are checked by two companies that maintain and provide cash for the machines. 
  • Security cameras are at all ATMs to help identify criminals in the event of any attempted tampering.
What can you do to protect yourself from skimming?
  • Look for anything unusual like an ill-fitting card reader, glue residue around a reader, or other signs of tampering.
  • When entering your PIN, cover the PIN pad with one hand to obstruct outside view of the PIN. Skimmers are often installed with a small camera so that fraudsters can try to record the PIN that accompanies the account information.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and leave if something doesn’t feel right. Contact the owner of the ATM to make them aware.
  • Closely monitor all financial accounts through regular review of account statements and online banking.
This is a growing problem nationwide. We recommend that all members and the broader public always check for skimmers every time they use any ATM or gas pump. Please stay vigilant and notify Seven Seventeen, the appropriate financial institution, or local authorities if you experience a problem.

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