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Recent ATM Skimming Incident

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Criminals attempted to steal personal data by placing skimmers on Seven Seventeen ATMs at our Larchmont Avenue and Austintown branches recently.  These ATMs have anti-skimming software that scrambles all data, such that no usable information can be recorded by the skimming devices. In addition, all ATMs are manually inspected daily.  Local police commented that while they have seen this kind of activity at other financial institutions, the protective measures that Seven Seventeen has in place are the best they’ve seen. 

While we are confident that no personal information was obtained, we individually called every member that used the machines during the time period that the skimmer was on.  A local news report suggested that there was a delay in the credit union becoming aware of the incident.  However, an alert system sent notification immediately to the credit union that there was perceived tampering at the Larchmont ATM and police were contacted right away. A glitch caused a delay in a similar notification from the Austintown ATM, but within hours the notification did come through and Austintown police were contacted.  Again, the anti-skimming software prevented the download of any useful personal information.  The report also suggested that an employee that monitors the ATMs was on vacation.  This is inaccurate as there is always redundancy of staff to monitor our ATMs.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there looking to steal personal information through a variety of means.  As always, we ask members and the broader public to always be cautious.  Never give out personal financial information unless you initiate a call and are certain that you are talking to a legitimate institution with which you have a relationship.  When using ATMs or gas pumps, always look for tampering and wiggle the card slots.  If they are loose or you suspect anything unusual, don’t use the machine and notify the financial institution or gas station.

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Recent ATM Skimming Incident
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